CIA Head Says ‘Iran, Hezbollah and Russians’ Involved in Venezuela

[ Ed. note – According to CIA Director Mike Pompeo, America must be vigilant; Iran, Hezbollah, and the Russians are all up to nefarious doings in Venezuela. As I reported a couple of days ago, Trump said he would not rule out a “military option” for Venezuela, and now it sounds like Pompeo may be trying to build justification for a US intervention.

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Red Ice TV Hacked on Same Day of Charlottesville Protest

Right on cue, the mainstream media and the ADL are jumping all over themselves blaming the violence which occurred yesterday in Charlottesville, Virginia–including the car-ramming of a crowd of people–on the Unite the Right protestors. There is even a brand new Wikipedia article up describing the event as  “a militant gathering of alt-right, neo-Nazi, white nationalist, and far-right groups.”

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Trump Now Threatening ‘Military Option’ Against Venezuela

Trump took time off from threatening North Korea today in order to fire off a few threats at Venezuela.  If the president decides he wants to send US troops into Venezuela, he probably now has the justification he needs, courtesy of the UN Humans Rights Commission. The Office of the High Commissioner has released a report accusing the government of “patterns” of human rights violations.

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Trump: US ‘Locked and Loaded’ for N. Korea Attack; War Games Set for Aug. 21

“A US strike against North Korea may go against common logic, but when a country is governed by propaganda – and the United States are going through such a period – political decisions go beyond rational logic, and there we can have consequences that are hard to foresee.

–Russian Major General Pavel Zolotarev

Two days ago President Trump threatened to send “fire and fury like the world has never seen” raining down upon North Korea. The following day he said that that warning may not have been “tough enough.” Now, on Friday, he is tweeting that the US is “locked and loaded” for an attack.

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N. Korea Hysteria: Is Threat to Attack Guam Fake News?

Mainstream media are spewing out story after story now about alleged threats from North Korea to attack Guam. RT is also reporting the same story, but if you check out their article, here, you will find that it relies on a Reuters article as its source. The story does not include a direct quote from any North Korean media source.

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Voice of Sanity Missing in Korean Showdown

[ Ed. note – If you’re looking for a leader of enlightened wisdom, or even one who simply manages to display prudence and sanity on a somewhat regular basis, Donald Trump doesn’t seem to fit the bill. For all the foolhardy, misguided decisions he made in choosing his cabinet and staff, Trump’s threat to unleash “fire and fury” upon North Korea may be the stupidest move we’ve seen from him yet. In addition to Trump, Mattis, the Secretary of Defense, is threatening the “destruction” of the North Korean people, and if all that isn’t bad enough, the North Korean government is threatening to attack Guam. ]

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