Germany to Give Israel $500 Million ‘Discount’ on New Submarine Deal Pending Corruption Probe

One wonders if the German people will ever tire of paying “reparations” to Israel. They have been doing so for the past 65 years–ever since the signing of the Luxembourg Agreement in 1952–and at the rate things are going, it looks like they will go on making absolution for eternity, long after the last “holocaust survivor” has kicked the bucket.

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Xenophiles are more Dangerous than Xenophobes

 photo rapefugee_zpsoz60jpny.jpg

By Wayne Madsen

German chancellor Angela Merkel, Cologne mayor Henriette Reker, and other Christian Democrats, Social Democrats, Free Democrats, Greens, and Left Party members in Germany find themselves about ready to be lynched by a majority of the German people.

German political leaders threw open the borders of Germany to swarms of mostly Muslim migrants from the Middle East and North Africa. Over a million migrants, some possessing unauthorized Syrian passports stolen from Syrian government offices and Turkish work permits issued by the Islamist government of jihadist-enabler Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, entered Germany in the last year.

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A Girl Who Has Come to the Right Conclusion (though not in the view of the Jerusalem Post)


You may recall reading or hearing about Reem Sahwil, a 14-yearl-old Palestinian girl living in Germany, who  in a public forum on July 16 asked Angela Merkel a question and received from the German prime minister a reply that caused her to break into tears.

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Why Merkel Betrays Europe and Germany

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By Nicolas Bonnal | Pravda

One must understand the reasons of Angela Merkel‘s behaviour. She obeys America and her Israeli mentor (‘Israel is Germany’s raison d’être’???), she threatens and mistreats Europe; she attacks Russia and now she builds a new sanitary cordon (like in 1919) in order to deconstruct Eurasia and reinforce American agenda in our unlucky continent.

Now Merkel advocates for the rapid adoption on the most infamous and perilous treaty of commerce in history, the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership).

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Chancellor Merkel’s Misguided Guilt Leads to Change in Balance of Power Over Europe

netangeddonBy Anthony Bellchambers | Dissident Voice

German-Israeli relations are currently at a low ebb as a result of Israel’s illegal settlement activity that continues to cause anger throughout the EU as it continues with its land grabs in the West Bank and authorises yet more building permits on Palestinian land in violation of international law.

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