Reality Reversal: It’s Really the Jews Who Are Discriminated Against, Says Jerusalem Editor

By Richard Edmondson

Caroline Glick is an editor at the Jerusalem Post. In the talk above, she seems to have forgotten who is occupying whom. Glick obviously believes it is Palestinians who are discriminating against Jews, rather than the other way around.

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Poll: Canadians Support Parliamentary Investigation of 9/11

The 30-second video above, showing the collapse of Building 7, was shown to Canadians in a poll conducted in December. After viewing the video, 53% of those polled said they either suspect or believe that the building had been brought down by controlled demolition, while only 18% still cling to the official story, i.e. that the collapse was caused by fires.

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Times Square Digital Billboard Shows Bldg. 7 Collapse


September 9, 2014

Starting today through October 5, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth is sponsoring a massive billboard in the heart of Times Square that will show video of 7 World Trade Center’s destruction to millions of viewers and refer them to the campaign website,

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