Flashback to 2011: Asma Assad: A Rose in the Desert

[ Ed. note – The article below was initially published in Vogue Magazine in early 2011. I am re-posting it here as it provides a striking look back at Syria as it was just prior to the outbreak of the neocon-instigated regime-change war which so devastated the country.

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The Real Reasons the West Cannot Topple Bashar Assad

Update: The article discussed in this post was originally published at State of the Nation.


Sarah Abed has posted a fascinating article at her blog, The Rabbit Hole, providing an analysis of how, and why, Syrian President Bashar Assad–despite nearly eight years of sweat poured by scheming Western regime changers into the goal of toppling his government–has managed to hang on.

What the heck is it about this guy? How has he piloted his way through every single Zionist effort to rip his country apart and install a puppet government favorable to the West? What’s his secret? For after all, hordes of Western-trained terrorist head-choppers have been poured into Syria equipped with shiny fleets of Toyotas and advanced-grade military weaponry, yet Assad, almost miraculously, has remained at the head of the government, and for the most part has kept the country together. How has he been able to do this? Abed supplies four main reasons.

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Assad: US President ‘Is Only a Performer’

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In America these days everything is centered around fakery–fake news in the mainstream media, duplicitous statements by politicians, hypocrisy about championing “democracy” while making trade deals with Saudi Arabia and sending billions in aid to apartheid Israel. In a recent interview with an Indian TV channel, Syrian President Bashar Assad made a rather perceptive comment on contemporary America, asserting that the US president is nothing more than a “performer.”

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Trump Accuses “Assad Regime” of Chemical Attack, Says Such Acts “Cannot Be Tolerated”

As the Syrian Free Press notes in a post put up today, ISIS, Al-Nusra and the other terrorist gangs in Syria have been losing ground on multiple fronts. This is despite the fact that they have received “help in arms and men,” both from neighboring countries in the Middle East as well as from Western intelligence agencies, and despite also that they’ve even been the beneficiaries of “air raids and bombings by the Zionist entity,” as the SFP puts it. In other words, all this bounteous and copious assistance notwithstanding, the half-wit dunderheads who make up the rank and file of these terrorist armies are still losing.

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Assad to Belgian Media: Europeans Only Follow US Master

A comment on this video from Uprooted Palestinians reads: “More sense from Assad in 3 minutes than from the West in 6 years.” I would have to concur, and I would add that Assad’s “following-the-US-master” comment would probably equally apply to Western so-called “human rights” organizations as well.

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‘The Mainstream Media has Failed in Most of the West’–Syrian President Assad

[ Ed. note – Every time I see Syrian President Bashar Assad interviewed, I find myself impressed. He is soft-spoken, articulate, and everything he says rings true. In this exchange with a group of French journalists, he comments: “For the French people I would say the mainstream media has failed in most of the West. The narrative has been debunked because of the reality, and you have the alternative media. You have to look for the truth.”

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