Assad to Belgian Media: Europeans Only Follow US Master

A comment on this video from Uprooted Palestinians reads: “More sense from Assad in 3 minutes than from the West in 6 years.” I would have to concur, and I would add that Assad’s “following-the-US-master” comment would probably equally apply to Western so-called “human rights” organizations as well.

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‘The Mainstream Media has Failed in Most of the West’–Syrian President Assad

[ Ed. note – Every time I see Syrian President Bashar Assad interviewed, I find myself impressed. He is soft-spoken, articulate, and everything he says rings true. In this exchange with a group of French journalists, he comments: “For the French people I would say the mainstream media has failed in most of the West. The narrative has been debunked because of the reality, and you have the alternative media. You have to look for the truth.”

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Eva Bartlett Debates Syria with Misinformed US University Prof

Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett attempts to clarify issues about the Syrian conflict in a debate with two Americans, one of whom, is Stephen Zunes, a political science professor at the University of San Francisco. From his perch in California, Zunes, who seems to have a peculiar facial tic, pompously suggests he knows more about the situation in Syria that does Bartlett, who has filed numerous reports from on the ground inside Syria.

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Kerry Warns of ‘Repercussions’ if Assad Doesn’t Step Down

The “bellicose” rhetoric I described here isn’t, of course, limited to Ashton Carter. Secretary of State John Kerry has now jumped out into the spotlight with some threatening discourse of his own, vowing that Syrian President Bashar Assad must accept a “transitional” government (that is to say, he must, in effect, step down) or there will be “repercussions.” Here is what Reuters reports:

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The Rise of ISIS: Russia and US Roles Contrasted in Essay By Syrian Govt. Adviser (Must Read)

 photo antiqdesttr_zpsjctknqsx.jpg

[Ed. note – This is an extremely impressive article by Bouthaina Shaaban, a longtime adviser to the Syrian government,  who provides a very detailed historical overview of the Syrian conflict. What Shaaban offers is basically her own first-person perspective on the last five years, as she contrasts the role played by Russia with that of the US, and produces in the process substantially convincing evidence of America’s support for ISIS. She also sheds considerable light upon the extremist Wahhabi ideology and Saudi Arabia’s bolstering of it through its compulsory, state-financed education system. A MUST READ article for everyone. ]

By Bouthaina Shaaban

This essay examines the role of Western and regional players (i.e. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar) in inflaming the conflict and the growth of terrorism in Syria.

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