Anti-BDS Motion in Canada: Why Does Govt. Sanction Other Countries for Human Rights Violations, but not Israel?


“It is now worth taking a look at the countries against which Canada has placed sanctions and why, since all of them, without exception, pale in comparison to Israel’s bloody record…”

By Julie Lévesque

This week, the Canadian Parliament overwhelmingly voted in favour of a motion condemning the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel.

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Boycott Israel? You Die!!!


Jewish Billionaires, Puppet Politicians Take Aim at BDS Movement in Global Campaign

By Richard Edmondson

It’s not hard to imagine a dystopian future in which calling for a boycott of Israel can result in the death penalty. Does that sound farfetched?

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Gilad Atzmon’s Testimony at Arthur Topham’s ‘Hate Speech’ Trial in Canada

The Expert Witness – Part 1

The following is the first part of Gilad Atzmon’s Expert Witness Testimony atArthur Topham’s criminal trial.  This part contains a brief summary of Atzmon’s perception of the Jews and their politics.  In the next part Atzmon will explain how these ideas serve to vindicate all forms of criticism of Jewish politics, ideology, symbols, rituals and so on.

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Plus: an analysis of the legal intricacies of the case, written by a US attorney, can be accessed here (H/T Uprooted Palestinians), and you can also visit Topham’s website,, the focus of the Canadian prosecutor’s mental anguish.