Russian Church Vows to Rebuild Christian Syria

[ Ed. note – The video above contains Russian Christmas music. I thought it very fitting to post given the news which appeared yesterday on the Russian Faith website–namely that the Russian Orthodox Church has vowed to help Christian communities in Syria rebuild. The war in Syria has in some respects been a war against Christianity.

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Russian Soldiers Distribute Christmas Gifts to Syrian Children

Speaking on Tuesday of this week, CIA Director John Brennan accused Russia of waging a “scorched earth policy” in Syria. I think clearly we can see evidence of this in the above video.

All kidding aside, Christian charity seems very much alive in Aleppo, and Russian soldiers apparently are quite in the Christmas spirit (The Russian Orthodox celebration of Christmas takes place this Saturday, January 7). The children in the video reportedly are saying “Thanks Russia” in both Arabic and Russian.

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Christmas Music Sung by Muslim Girls’ Choir

In a beautiful show of interfaith solidarity, an all-Muslim, all-girls choir gave a Christmas concert at a church in Beirut on December 19. The girls comprise the Imam Sadr Foundation Choir, and their performance took place alongside popular Lebanese singer Abeer Nehme. The event, held at Beirut’s St. Elias Greek Catholic Church, was organized by the Beirut Chants Festival. (H/T Sabba )