Is the Dawning of World Peace at Hand?


Over the past few days it has been reported by mainstream media that the US Navy may have discovered a method of converting ordinary seawater into fuel. This fuel, it is thought, would be able to power naval ships, planes, and presumably, at some point down the road, once the process becomes commercially marketed, passenger automobiles.

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Half of European Bumblebees in Decline, Quarter Face Extinction–Study

 photo beehive_zpsb280da16.jpg

Almost one-quarter of European crops’ vital pollinators – bumblebees – could die out in the coming years, as half of the species are declining, a new study says. Citing human factor and climate change, it warns of “serious implications” for agriculture.

A preview of the recent European Commission-funded study, published on the website of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) on Wednesday, says it has some “bad news” for Europe’s bumblebees.

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