Putin Befuddles the West: A Lesson From Scripture

putin3r-jptBy Richard Edmondson

What is it exactly with the leaders of the West and Vladimir Putin? Clearly they view Russia and its president as a threat, but why?

We have heard endless stories of “Russian hacking” and “Russian aggression,” while Putin has been called a “thug,” a “dictator,” and Russian forces have been accused of bombing hospitals in Aleppo–in fact Russia, it seems, bombed the “last hospital” and killed the “last doctor” in Aleppo on at least five different occasions in 2016: on November 18, July 30, July 23, April 27, and sometime either in the last week of January or early February (see here, here, here, here, here, here, and here ).

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Dildos in the Classroom: Has Sex Education in Schools Gone WAY too Far?

If you think sex education in schools consists of nothing more than teaching young teens about sexually transmitted diseases and the dangers of having unprotected sex, guess again. The above video is an eye-opener. Hat tip to Nahida at Poetry for Palestine, who comments that it is a “must watch documentary by every parent.”

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Pensacola, Florida City Council Opens Meeting with Prayer by Satanist

When I was growing up in the 1960s, such a thing as a city council opening one of its meetings with a satanic prayer would have been inconceivable. But times have changed in America, and rather radically. In the video above, we see a member of the Satanic Temple of West Florida opening a meeting of the Pensacola City Council with a prayer to Satan. The people in the audience, some of them grasping Bibles and holding crosses in the air, are members of a local church who came to protest the event.

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Revolutions, Guillotines, and Collapsing Democracies

brexit[ Ed. note – A pretty strong commentary here by Paul Craig Roberts, although in his customary fashion he saves the “zinger” for the final paragraph. ]

The Collapse of Western Democracy

By Paul Craig Roberts

Democracy no longer exists in the West. In the US powerful private interest groups, such as the military-security complex, Wall Street, the Israel Lobby, agribusiness and the extractive industries of energy, timber and mining, have long exercised more control over government than the people. But now even the semblance of democracy has been abandoned.

In the US Donald Trump has won the Republican presidential nomination. However, Republican convention delegates are plotting to deny Trump the nomination that the people have voted him. The Republican political establishment is showing an unwillingness to accept democratic outcomes.
The people chose, but their choice is unacceptable to the establishment which intends to substitute its choice for the people’s choice.

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