Trump, Syriza and Brexit Prove Voting is only a Small Part of the Battle

[ Ed. note – Elections give people the illusion that they have some say in things. But as the writer of the piece below points out, elections are becoming increasingly meaningless in Western countries. ]

By Neil Clark

If voting changed anything, they’d abolish it. That might sound a bit glib but consider these recent events.

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CIA Whistleblower Discusses Deep State/Shadow Government

In this presentation former CIA agent and whistleblower Kevin Shipp distinguishes between the “shadow government” and the “deep state.” There is a hierarchy, he says, and the former, comprised of the US intelligence agencies and the media, is at the top of it. “It is a matrix system that has functioned across every single administration going back to JFK.”

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P.C. Roberts on ‘the ignorant, stupid Nikki Haley’ and the destruction of the Trump Administration

[ Ed. note – A very interesting commentary by Paul Craig Roberts, who argues that Trump is powerless–he is under the complete control of the Deep State–and that the president is furthermore being treacherously undermined by his own appointees. The Trump administration is full of Russophobes like UN Ambassador Nikki Haley who, rather than  pursuing the peaceful relations with Russia that Trump seemed to promise during the campaign, have instead become parrots essentially, repeating the mainstream media mantra about “Russian interference” in the election. What are the implications of all this? Not good, says Roberts. Trump has become nothing more than a “figurehead” president, he argues, while the media and the Deep State are committed to  “raising tensions between the US and Russia to the point of nuclear war.” ]

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