More Insanity: Trump, NATO Secretary General, Hold Joint News Conference

Press conference held today…Trump called Assad a “butcher,” said US-Russia relations “may be at an all-time low,” and insisted it’s “probably unlikely” Syria could have launched the chemical attack it has been accused of carrying out without Russian knowledge. An investigation as to whether Russia had prior knowledge or not is being conducted by General “Mad Dog” Mattis. We can probably guess how that’s going to turn out.

Trump also says NATO is not obsolete, though of course back during the campaign he said it was. He also had campaigned on wanting better relations with Russia, and once even urged Obama to stay out of Syria, but now he is seemingly trying to provoke an all-out war. We can speculate endlessly on the “why” of it all (is Trump being blackmailed, is he trying to avoid getting impeached, was he a deep-state operative all along?), but the bottom line is he has made almost a complete 180 degree turn.

Palm Sunday Attacks Against Christians–What are the Ramifications?

At least 44 people have been killed and scores of others injured in bombings carried out at two Coptic Christian churches in Egypt. ISIS has claimed responsibility for both attacks, while the US government, which essentially has served as ISIS’s air force in Syria, has somewhat hypocritically condemned them.

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Trump Accuses “Assad Regime” of Chemical Attack, Says Such Acts “Cannot Be Tolerated”

As the Syrian Free Press notes in a post put up today, ISIS, Al-Nusra and the other terrorist gangs in Syria have been losing ground on multiple fronts. This is despite the fact that they have received “help in arms and men,” both from neighboring countries in the Middle East as well as from Western intelligence agencies, and despite also that they’ve even been the beneficiaries of “air raids and bombings by the Zionist entity,” as the SFP puts it. In other words, all this bounteous and copious assistance notwithstanding, the half-wit dunderheads who make up the rank and file of these terrorist armies are still losing.

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‘Worst Chemical Attack in Years’–West Ramps Up New Campaign for War With Syria

[ Ed. note – The mainstream media and Western politicians are once again attempting to justify a military action designed to topple the democratically elected government of Bashar Assad. The prime minister of Israel seems to be on his own personal Twitter-storm crusade.

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Paul Craig Roberts: Washington’s Benevolent Mask is Disintegrating

[ Ed. note – This commentary by Paul Craig Roberts was posted on Tuesday, March 7 though apparently before revelations surfaced of the Wikileaks so-called “Vault 7” disclosure, or at least before the story had gained wide traction. In this piece Roberts discusses the campaign to start a war with Russia, and he also makes some excellent comments on the candidacy of Marine Le Pen in France and the ongoing efforts to sabotage it. His main argument is that “Washington’s mask of benevolence is falling away, revealing the face of greed and evil that is its true face.” It is an argument that is given exponentially greater force by the disclosures–which go unmentioned in the piece–of the CIA’s vast arsenal of cyber weaponry and its active involvement in spying on people via smart phones, TVs, and other devices. ]

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