‘UN Still Stinks of Sulfur,’ says Venezuela Foreign Minister

[ Ed. note – One of the most memorable speeches ever delivered at the UN by any head of state was that given in 2006 by Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez.  The speech was given before the General Assembly on September 20–just one day after George W. Bush had spoken in the same chamber before the same body.

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Kevin Barrett on Israel, 9/11, and Trump’s Afghanistan Policy

In the video above Kevin Barrett, discusses his views on 9/11 as well as on Trump’s decision to ramp up US military forces in Afghanistan. He notes that previously, back during the presidential campaign, Trump was skeptical about the US getting further involved in foreign wars–but now, as president, he is reversing many of his previous promises in that regard. It all kind of underscores comments made recently by former CIA agent Kevin Shipp regarding the deep state/shadow government. I put up a post a bit earlier today about Shipp’s talk back in July before an audience in northern California. You can check it out here if you haven’t done so.

Trump Now Threatening ‘Military Option’ Against Venezuela

Trump took time off from threatening North Korea today in order to fire off a few threats at Venezuela.  If the president decides he wants to send US troops into Venezuela, he probably now has the justification he needs, courtesy of the UN Humans Rights Commission. The Office of the High Commissioner has released a report accusing the government of “patterns” of human rights violations.

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