Not Looking Good for the US Dollar, Stocks, Bonds, Pensions and Wages

[ Ed. note – The author of the following piece makes a strong case for why the dollar is headed for collapse. The Fed, he says, is planning to deliberately trigger a financial crisis, and he discusses how that will lead to a period of hyperinflation similar to what existed in the German Weimar Republic in the early 1920s. Basically “Quantitative Easing” is being ditched and what will be imposed instead is its reverse, “Quantitative Tightening.” ]

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On the Bright side it is not looking good for the US War Machine either.

Jim Rickards is a financial consultant to the CIA and Pentagon. He participates in War Games. Of the 2009 War Games he recently said that the object was not to defeat the enemy or win the war but rather to inflict relatively more damage on them than you. In case you were wondering about the Pentagon that statement should remove all doubts. They are are not looking for another General Patton.

He also mentioned Pentagon plans to strike North Korea in the next 6 months or so. Of course Russia and China have said not to consider a first strike option. More about WW III later.

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Trump, Syriza and Brexit Prove Voting is only a Small Part of the Battle

[ Ed. note – Elections give people the illusion that they have some say in things. But as the writer of the piece below points out, elections are becoming increasingly meaningless in Western countries. ]

By Neil Clark

If voting changed anything, they’d abolish it. That might sound a bit glib but consider these recent events.

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Aerial Pesticide Spraying on Texas in Wake of Harvey–Health Risk to Humans, Boon to Agro-Chem Industry

[ Ed. note – I guess the US Air Force is reliving its glory days when it rained Agent Orange down on the jungles of Vietnam. The Pentagon has embarked upon an ambitious project to spray approximately 6 million acres of the state of Texas in an effort at controlling the mosquito population in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

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Globalization’s Abject Failure–Household Appliances Were Cheaper and Better 40 Years Ago

[ Ed. note – Back in the 1990s, when Bill Clinton started signing the first free trade agreements into law, people warned that globalization would have severe consequences for average working Americans. I remember attending a protest against NAFTA back in, I think, 1992 or 93.

But economists kept telling us, “No, no, you’ve got it all wrong!” Globalization will be good for the economy! Wealth would “trickle down” to the lower classes. And while some manufacturing jobs might be lost, these would be replaced, the economists assured us, with even better jobs. Moreover, there was supposed to be a golden upside to it all: Goods produced in factories in places like China and Mexico would flood the market, resulting in reduced prices for things like household appliances. A new refrigerator imported from China, say, assembled by workers being paid as little as a dollar an hour, would cost less–maybe a hundred or even two hundred dollars less–than the old “made in America” refrigerators. And if you didn’t believe this, you just weren’t with it and thinking progressively.

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Signs of the Times: A Cashless Society in India

A good portion of this video by Sheikh Imran Hosein is devoted to discussion around current events in India, where the government has taken major steps toward transformation of the entire country into a cashless society. This “demonetization,” as it’s called, has implications not only for the people of India, but for all of us. The following article will offer a bit more insight into that.

You will perhaps not be terribly surprised to learn that a US government agency, USAID, seems to have been a key player in engineering events in India. This of course is the same agency that has engineered regime changes in other countries. In this case, however, they seem to be quite fond of the Modi government of India.

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Clinton Scheming to Gain White House Through Back Door

 photo hclinton_zps3cnlwpum.jpg

By Robert Bridge

Next month, Donald J. Trump, with hand on Bible, will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Or will he? The recent talk about recounting votes and ‘faithless electors’ suggests this highly contentious power struggle is far from over.

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