Nasrallah: The US Created ISIS

“The victory in Mosul is major. It’s as clear as the sun that the Obama administration established ISIS, and there is proof of this within the American government.”

–Hasan Nasrallah

The above quote from Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah is taken from an Israeli website here. The report concerns a speech Nasrallah gave on Tuesday in which he praised Iraqi forces for their liberation of the city of Mosul. You can read more about the speech at Al Manar and at Press TV (h/t summitflyer).

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Norman Finkelstein on Hassan Nasrallah: ‘He’s the only political leader in the world you can learn from’

Norman Finkelstein, academic and author of such books as The Holocaust Industry and Beyond Chutzpah, has offered some rather striking comments regarding Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah. Lebanon has been observing the 10th anniversary of the July 2006 War in which Hezbollah inflicted heavy losses on Israeli forces, killing 121 of their soldiers while also capturing or destroying a large number of Israeli tanks. A good many of those tanks are on display to day at the Hezbollah Museum in southern Lebanon, which I had an opportunity to visit in 2014. You can go here to check out my report on that.

You can also go here to see an excerpt from a speech Nasrallah gave just a few days ago in which he discusses how the US created ISIS, or Daesh.

Nasrallah: Hezbollah Will Retaliate for Kuntar ‘Regardless of Consequences’ (5 Videos)

This speech, given by Hassan Nasrallah on Sunday, is part eulogy to Samir Kuntar, the Hezbollah commander assassinated by Israel one week ago, as well as a renewed promise that Hezbollah will retaliate. In video #1 (above) Nasrallah congratulates Christians on the celebration of Christmas, calls for Muslim-Christian unity, and discusses the “spirit of sacrifice” embodied by Kuntar, and his years in an Israeli prison.

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Nasrallah Poses a Rhetorical Question to ISIS: Who Will You Allow to Live?

Hassan Nasrallah is making an important point here. What we are seeing with the rise of terror groups backed by some of the most powerful people and nations on earth is is not something heretofore witnessed in modern times. We are talking, of course, about terrorist forces who seek not only to kill virtually everyone outside of their own group, but who also harbor the goal of wiping out all vestiges of past civilizations. Certainly there are examples in history, including the world wars of the 20th century, in which cultural heritage sites were deliberately targeted by warring parties. But nothing on this scale. This shadow of darkness is unlike anything since “specific early periods of history,” as Nasrallah puts it.

By the way, today is Ashura, the day on which Shia Muslims mark the anniversary of the martyrdom of Husayn Ibn Ali and 72 of his companions at the Battle of Karbala in 680 AD. See: Millions Mark Martyrdom Anniversary of Imam Hussein Worldwide

Al-Quds Day Speech By Nasrallah: ‘Israel is the Source of All Terrorism’

In a speech given today, Hassan Nasrallah, the Hezbollah secretary-general, addressed a wide range of issues, from the war in Yemen, to the support given by Israel to Al-Nusra terrorists in Syria.

With regard to the Yemeni war, he said, “The Saudi war in Yemen is now being fought without any political objectives, and it only aims to take revenge on Yemen and its people.”

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Nasrallah Predicts ‘Major’ Saudi Defeat in Lebanon–and Possible Fall of the House of Saud

Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah analyzes the Saudi objectives in Yemen, as stated  when they began their attack, and goes on to point out that after 17 days not a single one of them have so far been achieved. He says the Saudis are headed for a major defeat, and he closes the interview with an interesting prognostication: that the country’s military debacle “will impact on its internal situation, the royal family…”

What he seems to be seems to be predicting–although he doesn’t exactly say so in so many words–is the fall of the House of Saud. (H/T Uprooted Palestinians).

I guess we shall see.