Hezbollah Gives the Israelis Something to Think About

Recently Hezbollah released two videos, both within a space of about two weeks, depicting missile attacks upon an Israeli offshore oil/gas platform. This comes at a time when Israelis have been doing a lot of sabre rattling, as well as, likewise, laying claims to a gas field which lies off the Lebanese coast.

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Hezbollah is not a Threat to America

“I’ll take them out to lunch in Beirut and pay the bill. I daresay that could be regarded as a financial contribution to Hezbollah, and that would make me a ‘terrorist,’ too.”

–Sharmine Narwani

[ Ed. note – In the article below, Sharmine Narwani explodes many of the myths about Hezbollah being a “terrorist” organization that supposedly threatens America. Hezbollah has troops in Syria that are fighting alongside the Syrian Arab Army in the fight against ISIS. As such, they, like Russia and like Iran, have helped thwart US and Israeli ambitions in Syria. And this is the real objection. The only “threat” Hezbollah poses is to ISIS terrorists…and also to Israeli soldiers should Israel decide to invade Lebanon once again, which of course it is constantly hinting at doing. ]

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Middle East’s Only Christian President Backs Hezbollah, Denounces Israel

[ Ed. note – Battle lines are being drawn in the Middle East, where an alliance between Christians and Shiite Muslims has been building for a while. This is certainly true in Lebanon where the Free Patriotic Movement and Hezbollah are allied with one another. The FPM is a political party founded by Michel Aoun, a Maronite Christian who became Lebanon’s president in October of last year. ]

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