Veterans Forced to Repay Signing Bonuses…While Billions in Aid Continues Flowing to Israel


Petition Launched to Stop Veterans from Having to Repay Bonuses

By  Richard Edmondson

Let’s say you recruit somebody to do a job for you. Because it’s a particularly dirty job, you’re having trouble finding people to fill the position…so… to sweeten the pot, you offer a $20,000 “signing bonus.” That’s in addition, of course, to the monthly salary you plan to pay them. The added incentive helps. People start signing their names on the dotted line to go to work for you.

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UNESCO Backs Motion Nullifying Jewish Ties to Temple Mount

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[ Ed. note – What if it turned out there really was a Jewish temple in Jerusalem at one time, but that it did not stand where most people now think it did? A year ago I published an article entitled Wailing at the Wrong Wall: Misunderstandings About Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, which explored that very question–namely that the temple stood at a different location from what is today referred to as the “Temple Mount.”

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Corruption à la Mode: Jailed Rabbi Wins Early Release in Israel

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[ Ed. note – I’ve written several previous articles on the Israeli celebrity rabbi, Yoshiyahu Pinto, the first back on January 16, 2014, when the FBI was investigating former Congressman Michael Grimm. News had come out at that time that Pinto, listed as one of the wealthiest rabbis in Israel, along with some of his followers, had funneled more than half a million dollars into Grimm’s reelection campaign.

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Jewish Groups Plotted to Kill British Official in 1946

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Former British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin

[ Ed. note – This is actually an old story. What’s new is that you can now visit the UK National Archives and, for a fee, see the documents that have been released concerning these plots. The attempt on Bevin’s life is only part of the story. There was also a plot to carry out an aerial bombing of London organized by followers of an American rabbi by the name of Korf. The documents on the latter remain under heavy censorship. H/T Miriam. ]

By Neil Tweedie and Peter Day

Jewish terrorist groups plotted to assassinate Ernest Bevin, the Foreign Secretary in the post-war Labour government, as part of a bombing campaign on the British mainland inspired by the IRA.

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An Answer to a Question

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California Lawmakers Kiss the Feet of King David

By Richard Edmondson

Last Friday I put up two posts–one featuring a video of a poet reading a poem entitled “Mr. Death,” the other consisting of an article I wrote under the headline, Israel Approves 463 New Housing Units; US, EU Issue Faint Peeps of Protest.

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