83 Senators Call for ‘Robust’ Increase in Aid to Israel


[Ed. note – One gets the feeling that this scene from Gaza offers us a preview of what America is going to look like some day if the Zionists aren’t removed from power. And now it appears our corrupt leaders are planning to substantially increase military aid to Israel–probably by the billions. Eighty-three US senators have, in a letter, called for a “memorandum of understanding” in which the US will pledge a “robust” increase in military aid to the Jewish state.

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Haaretz Report: US Officials Knew Israel Was Lying About Its Nuclear Program


[ Ed. note – John F. Kennedy as well as officials in the CIA knew or had a strong suspicion that Israel was lying about its nuclear operation at Dimona. The report below refers to documents that have come to light providing insight into the extent to which Israeli officials went to conceal their nuclear bomb program. This includes a tactic used by David Gurion of deliberately speaking in a thick accent and a barely audible tone of voice during a meeting when Kennedy confronted him on the issue.

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Israel Paramedics Accused of Violations (and that’s putting it mildly)

 photo sharifinstreet_zpsw2nvnwqz.jpg

[ Ed. note – Israeli medics, it has to be said, seem to be putting forth a one hundred percent effort these days–in not providing treatment to Palestinians. We have seen picture after picture, video after video, of Palestinians lying in the street bleeding while Israeli soldiers and medical personnel stand about doing nothing. As Jonathan Cook observes in the article below, suspicions are high that medics are withholding treatment to Palestinians out of revenge “in the expectation that they would die from their wounds.” It would seem, then, that the “most moral ambulance service in the world” has joined forces with the “most moral army in the world.” But I guess it stands to reason that in a country with “Jews-only” roads and the like, there would also be Jews-only ambulance services.

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US Regime Change Operations–the Greatest Threat to Humanity?

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Liliana Ayalde, US Ambassador to Brazil

[ Ed. note – Fortune Magazine is celebrating the impeachment of Brazilian President Dilma Roussef which took place Sunday. In an article headlined, “Dilma Rousseff Impeachment Is Just the First Step to Heal Brazil’s Broken Economy,” writer Cyrus Sanati can’t seem to resist crowing:

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Parade of Hypocrisy: Trump’s a Racist!


By Richard Edmondson

The US has a well deserved reputation as one of the most hypocritical nations on earth. We claim to be champions of democracy while overthrowing democratically elected governments. We insist we are fighting a war on terrorism while funding and training terrorists.

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Jewish Murderers and What to Do About Them: A Suggestion from David Ben-Gurion

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By Richard Edmondson

Recently Sen. Patrick Leahy and ten other members of Congress sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry expressing concern over possible extrajudicial executions by Israeli forces of four Palestinians named in an Amnesty International report.

The signatories to the letter cite “allegations of gross violations of human rights” (in both Israel and Egypt) and request Kerry to look into the matter with a view toward determining whether a cutoff of US military assistance might be mandated as required under the Leahy Law.

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