Elderly Palestinian Couple Faces Eviction from Their Home of 53 Years as ‘Peace Talks’ Set to Begin

[ Ed. note – The Shamasne family have lived in their home in East Jerusalem since 1964. But now they are being told by Israeli authorities to get out. Why? Because an Israeli court says the property belongs to Jews. Mrs. Shamasne is 76 years old. Her husband is 84. I don’t know what Mrs. Shamasne’s document is that we see her holding in the video above–I don’t read Arabic–but I suspect it’s a deed to the property. Apparently it was disregarded by the Israeli court, however. Perhaps that’s the sort of justice you can expect under an apartheid system.

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Israeli Soldier Elor Azaria Enters Military Prison

You can kind of tell from the smile on his face in this video that Elor Azaria is convinced he’s a hero. And of course he has been hailed as such in Israel. Not that shooting a bullet into the head of a semi-conscious man as he lay wounded on a city street required any great amount of courage. It didn’t. But Jews in Israel seem to measure “heroism” by different standards than most people. Apparently the more Palestinians you kill, the more highly you’re thought of and admired. I’m guessing the Talmud has a lot to do with instilling this sort of thinking into the body politic.

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Israeli Settlers Celebrate Takeover of Palestinian Home in Hebron (video included)

I’ve posted videos like this before. It seems the typical sort of behavior we often see from Israeli settlers. Even so, it comes as a bit of a jolt every time I come across a video like this. The Abu Rajab family of Hebron is being dispossessed of their three-story home. The settlers shown here have reportedly even begun moving furniture into it–and this apparently is what they’re so happy about,  dancing so joyously over, and making excessively goofy faces into the camera in celebration to…

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From the Heart to the Mouth: Jesus’ Views on the Talmud

Perversity, Stupidity and Blind Guides

By Richard Edmondson

I came across the above picture several days ago. It is of Nur Hamdan, a 13-year-old Palestinian boy who lost his eye earlier this month after being shot by Israeli police. According to news reports, Nur was standing on the balcony of his East Jerusalem home along with his mother and a cousin when he was hit by a “sponge-tipped bullet.”

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