Israel Launched Attack on Gaza–‘Operation Cast Lead’–8 Years Ago Today

Eight Years On: Gaza’s Still Fresh Wound

Palestine Information Center

Eight years have passed since Israel launched its war on the Gaza Strip, known as the battle of the Furqan, and named by Israel “Operation Cast Lead.” the Gaza Strip is still suffering from the consequences of that war, which lasted for 23 days.

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Dr. Mads Gilbert Discusses Plight of Gazans in US Speaking Tour

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“They don’t want our pity, but they do welcome our solidarity.”

–Dr. Mads Gilbert

By Jeff Smith

Dr. Mads Gilbert, author of the books, Eyes in Gaza and Night in Gaza, in which he describes what it was like to work under the bombs with Palestinian colleagues during Israel’s 2008 – 2009 and 2014 invasions of the Gaza Strip, recently completed a US speaking tour that took him to various venues in Michigan, Indiana, and Texas.

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dr. Gilbert spoke to an audience of about 100 people at Calvin College. A Christian liberal arts college associated with the Christian Reformed Church, Calvin has previously hosted various speakers who focus on Palestine, among them Ali Abunimah, Nora Barrows-Friedman, and Mazen Qumsiyeh.

A guest of Grand Rapids-based non-profit, Healing Children of Conflict, as well as of Calvin College’s History Department and Middle East Club, Dr. Gilbert provided an astute fact-based analysis of the situation in Gaza. However, Dr. Gilbert’s presentation did not just rely on facts. It was also structured around powerful stories of Palestinian civilians whom he has met while working in makeshift operating rooms at Gaza’s Al-Shifa’ hospital.

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Palestinians Remember Hugo Chavez on His Birthday; Carlos Santana Set to Perform in Israel

Hugo Chavez was born July 28, 1954, and died March 5, 2013. Many people believe he was murdered. You can go here or here to read discussions on that question. Perhaps it’s sufficient to mention that Leamsy Salazar, a man who for several years was one of Chavez’s closest aids, is now reportedly living in the US under federal protection.

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My Gaza Hospital Was Destroyed. Why Has the World Stayed Silent?


The ruins of Gaza’s Wafa Hospital–destroyed by Israel in 2014

[Ed. note – It looks like both US presidential candidates have selected running mates with staunchly pro-Israel credentials. A couple of days ago I posted a video of Indiana Governor Mike Pence, Donald Trump’s VP pick, in which he repeatedly refers to Israel as “our most cherished ally” (a total of three times in 44 seconds) almost as if reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. And then just yesterday The Forward came out with a piece outlining why Virginia Senator Tim Kaine is the “Jewiest” (their word, not mine) possible candidate Hillary Clinton could have chosen to round out the Democratic ticket (he hosts Passover seders, loves Israel, and facilitated the opening of a Sabra hummus factory in Virginia).

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Israel Above the Law: Collective Punishment

A stunning video which documents living conditions in Gaza. A couple of days ago three Gaza children burned to death when a candle fell onto a mattress and started a fire. After watching the video above, you will understand why this happened. The Israeli blockade of Gaza has been going on now for 10 years. A new hashtag, #10YearBlockade, has been started on Twitter.

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