NY Daily News Writer Celebrates Assassination of Russian Ambassador


Gersh Kuntzmann, of the New York Daily News

[ Ed. note – Below is an article that was published Tuesday by Sputnik, the subject of which is an article by a writer at the New York Daily News. The writer’s name is Gersh Kuntzmann. In his article for the Daily News, Kuntzmann expresses glee over the assassination of the Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov, referring to Vladimir Putin as a “murderous dictator” and to Karlov as “the human embodiment of policies that deployed bunker busters to kill babies.” He also suggests that Karlov’s Turkish assassin, Mevlut Mert Altintas, will one day be “vindicated” and regarded as a hero.

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‘Massive Majority’ of Israelis Favor Clinton Over Trump (plus Gilad Atzmon commentary)


[ Ed. note – in the commentary immediately below, Gilad Atzmon discusses the debacle in which the Democratic Party presently finds itself–beset on all sides with charges of rampant corruption–commenting that the Democrats have “become a mirror image of the Jewish political symptom.” Perhaps no surprise, then, that a poll among Israelis found an overwhelming majority favoring Clinton over Trump.

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Attacks Upon Jewish Leftists Inside Israel


By David Shulman

Israeli human rights activists and what is left of the Israeli peace groups, including joint Israeli-Palestinian peace organizations, are under attack. In a sense, this is nothing very new; organizations such as B’Tselem, the most prominent and effective in the area of human rights, and Breaking the Silence, which specializes in soldiers’ firsthand testimony about what they have seen and done in the occupied territories and in Gaza, have always been anathema to the Israeli right, which regards them as treasonous.1

But open attacks on the Israeli left have now assumed a far more sinister and ruthless character; some of them are being played out in the interrogation rooms of Israeli prisons. Clearly, there is an ongoing coordinated campaign involving the government, members of the Knesset, the police, various semiautonomous right-wing groups, and the public media. Politically driven harassment, including violent and illegal arrest, interrogation, denial of legal support, virulent incitement, smear campaigns, even death threats issued by proxy—all this has become part of the repertoire of the far right, which dominates the present government and sets the tone for its policies.

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Pro-Palestinian Christian Group Gets Lecture from ‘Anti-Zionist’ Rabbi


Check out the article below!

I guess words like “arrogance” or “meekness” or “timidity” would come to mind–arrogance on the part of the Jewish rabbi (pictured above), and timidity and meekness on the part of the Christians who sat and listened to her discordant remarks, apparently without protest or anyone getting up to walk out.

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Danish Jews Scared to Wear Yarmulkes in Public!!


World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder (center) speaks to Congress members.

According to the report below, Danish Jews are so fearful of anti-Semites they are now scared to wear their yarmulkes in public–and by golly, it’s the responsibility of the United States to step up and do something about this situation!

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In Case You Still Have Any Doubts About Hollywood Being Jewish…

In case you still have any doubts about Hollywood being Jewish, this should dispel them forever. The first three minutes or so of this video are basically an intro to set you up for what follows–and what follows is a pastiche of movie and TV clips whose producers and directors obviously had the intent of “jazzing up the Jews,” shall we say. If you can’t stomach the entire hour and forty six minutes you are forgiven.

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