Attacking School Children, Hoarding Bodies of the Dead, and Praying at the Wailing Wall

‘Not Behaving Like a Normal State’

[ Ed. note – The life of a Palestinian school child is not easy, as the above video makes clear. Equally difficult can be the problems faced by Palestinian families attempting to hold funerals for loved ones slain by Israeli forces. As I have noted in previous posts (see here and here and here), the Jewish state seems to have a predilection for holding onto corpses–for days, months, sometimes even years. ]

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‘Least Patriotic’ States are Those with Highest Jewish Population, Study Finds


A recent study on patriotism, as measured in the 50 states of the US, has turned up some rather remarkable findings. Published by WalletHub, the study ranks states from the “most patriotic” to the “least patriotic” using such criteria as military service (veterans as well as active duty), voter turnout percentages, and volunteerism.

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Zionists Accuse Mahmoud Abbas of ‘Blood Libel’–Oh REALLY?


By Richard Edmondson

Palestinian Authority President Mahmound Abbas has been accused of spreading a “blood libel” against Jews.

The charge was made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu following a speech Abbas gave before the European Parliament on Thursday, June 23, and it has been picked up and faithfully repeated by the media.

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One Sick Video: Worshiping ‘God’ and Celebrating the Nakba

You could perhaps call it a celebration of genocide, although one of the participants tries to put a diplomatic face on it for the camera. “It’s not like we hate the Arabs, it’s just very complex,” he explains.

Video description:

The Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City was cleared of its Palestinian inhabitants on the eve of the Ramadan holiday, 5 June 2016, to make way for a flag procession by Jewish religious nationalists, celebrating Israel conquering the eastern half of the city 49 years earlier.

Store owners, street merchants, and shoppers preparing for that evening’s celebratory feast were driven out of the lanes that fell along the route chosen by march organizers and approved by Israel’s Supreme Court. From a safe distance behind police barricades, Palestinian residents of Jerusalem watched silently as ultra-nationalist Jews paraded through the quarter, singing songs of praise to Yahweh and calling for the ethnic cleansing of non-Jews.

Tens of thousands of Israelis took hours to stream through the monumental Damascus Gate and weave their way through the alleys of the Muslim Quarter, eventually reaching their final destination, the holy Western Wall plaza, where they were treated to musical performances and a series of speeches by top religious and political officials.

Ruled by the Insane

 photo c60b1f1d-df7a-4243-8f64-a0d0ebe1bd9b_zpshdgaoigu.jpg

By Richard Edmondson

On Tuesday, April 19, a group of several thousand Jewish Israelis got together in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square for a nice, quaint little “Death to the Arabs” protest. Interestingly, on the same day–and at practically the same time, taking into account time zone differences–California Assembly Bill 2844 was being approved by the state’s Judiciary Committee.

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Gideon Levy on Israel’s Support for a ‘Vile Murderer’


[Ed. note – the photo above was taken at an Israeli protest in support of Elior Azaria, the Israeli soldier who murdered Abdul Fattah Sharif with a gunshot to the head. Sharif was killed execution-style on March 24. The demonstration in his support took place on Tuesday, March 29, outside a military court near Ashdod where Azaria’s hearing was being held. Notice the black banner held aloft and its similarity to an ISIS flag. In the article below, Gideon Levy offers a sober assessment of the sort of deviance Israeli society has descended into. Levy describes it as “bloodlust,” which he says has gone beyond mere racism. We essentially have a society that has become united around two things: the concept of its “chosenness,” along with an “uninhibited” lust for the blood of its enemies. ]

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