Nasrallah: The US Created ISIS

“The victory in Mosul is major. It’s as clear as the sun that the Obama administration established ISIS, and there is proof of this within the American government.”

–Hasan Nasrallah

The above quote from Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah is taken from an Israeli website here. The report concerns a speech Nasrallah gave on Tuesday in which he praised Iraqi forces for their liberation of the city of Mosul. You can read more about the speech at Al Manar and at Press TV (h/t summitflyer).

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Norman Finkelstein on Hassan Nasrallah: ‘He’s the only political leader in the world you can learn from’

Norman Finkelstein, academic and author of such books as The Holocaust Industry and Beyond Chutzpah, has offered some rather striking comments regarding Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah. Lebanon has been observing the 10th anniversary of the July 2006 War in which Hezbollah inflicted heavy losses on Israeli forces, killing 121 of their soldiers while also capturing or destroying a large number of Israeli tanks. A good many of those tanks are on display to day at the Hezbollah Museum in southern Lebanon, which I had an opportunity to visit in 2014. You can go here to check out my report on that.

You can also go here to see an excerpt from a speech Nasrallah gave just a few days ago in which he discusses how the US created ISIS, or Daesh.

Reflections on Samir Kuntar

 photo kuntar_zpsaml1rke7.jpg

By Darko Lazar

It almost feels like it was yesterday that thousands of ecstatic Lebanese gathered in Beirut’s southern suburbs to welcome home the longest serving Arab prisoner in an “Israeli” jail. 

Hours earlier on that hot summer day in 2008, the lenses of the global media were focused on the tarmac of Beirut’s international airport. That’s where Samir Quntar was flown in by helicopter after twenty-eight years in an Israeli prison cell.

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Terrorism and the Question of Humanity

 photo beirutterratck_zpsbwqkmwlc.jpg

By Brenda Herd

On 15 November, The New York Times published an article entitled “Beirut, Also the Site of Deadly Attacks, Feels Forgotten.”  It highlights the disparity between the global solidarity expressed for Paris following the deadly 13 November attacks and the lack thereof expressed for Beirut after it too was attacked the day prior.  But the headline suggests a petulant attitude from Lebanese who “feel forgotten,” as though they were a bratty child or a snivelling spouse.

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‘An Outsider’s Inside View’ of the Group That Zionists Loathe and Fear








Book Review: Hezbollah: An Outsider’s Inside View
by Brenda Heard


Reviewed by Richard Edmondson

Hezbollah is routinely branded a “terrorist” organization by Western media, but if asked, most Americans would probably be hard-pressed to name a single terrorist act the group has committed (armed resistance against a military occupation of one’s country does not constitute terrorism).

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Hezbollah Does Not Use Human Shields

The following is a comment posted by Brenda Herd, one of our readers, regarding an article I put up the other day entitled, Hezbollah Responds to Israeli Saber Rattling. The article referenced two recently published reports, both containing Israeli allegations that Hezbollah presently is using people living in villages in southern Lebanon as “human shields.”

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