Jewish Man Offers Shiksa Girlfriend $75,000 to Abort Her Pregnancy

Calls her ‘white trash’

By Gordon Hurd

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Ron Ozer and Elmira Naymark first met in 2013, according to court documents, and as reported by the New York Post. In what amounted to a whirlwind romance, the couple traveled together, wined, and dined, met each other’s families, and spent two and a half years growing closer. All that apparently ended when Naymark discovered she was pregnant in January of this year.

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That was when Ozer reportedly offered her tens of thousands of dollars to terminate her pregnancy, amid other messages, calling her “white trash” and telling her “I f***ing hate you.”

He reportedly made the cash payment offer through a colleague. The Post reports that the colleague told Naymark, “He’d be willing to offer a lump sum of money to you . . . I’m sure he would have no problem with 50k-75,000+.”

Naymark has filed court papers and is suing Ozer for child support, a paternity test, and full legal custody of the baby girl she gave birth to in September, among other claims. Court documents also state that Naymark has had to resort to Medicaid and food stamps to help her get by while she waits for Ozer to accept his responsibility.

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Dim-Witted Americans Clueless on Independence, Founding Fathers, etc.

Videos like this–seemingly intended to be humorous while at the same time showcasing American stupidity–often get uploaded to the Internet. RT dabbles in this kind of cultural critique from time to time, and each time I come across it I find myself wondering–did the reporter or video producer edit out all the people who gave intelligent responses in order to lavish plenty of camera time on the dumbest? What’s unusual about this video, is the interviewer does include–toward the end of the video–some Americans who do demonstrate an above-kindergarten-level familiarity with history and who don’t embarrass themselves with their answers. Sadly, however, there appears no shortage of those deserving of the dunce cap. (Hat tip Ariadna).