Obama Officially Denies Clemency to Leonard Peltier


Leonard Peltier,
Growing old, he lives another year
Inside his prison cell.
We wish you very well.

The above lines are from a song I wrote in 1991 or ’92, I think, back in the days when I had illusions of becoming a singer/songwriter. Peltier at the time had been in prison for something like 18 years, which seemed like an awfully long time.

Today his incarceration in the US federal prison system has run into 40 years.

Peltier, a member of the American Indian Movement,  was convicted of murdering two FBI agents during a shootout that occurred on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in June of 1975. There has been enormous controversy over the case, with charges that the government suppressed evidence and with witnesses coming forward claiming they were forced to give statements under duress.

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Putin Befuddles the West: A Lesson From Scripture

putin3r-jptBy Richard Edmondson

What is it exactly with the leaders of the West and Vladimir Putin? Clearly they view Russia and its president as a threat, but why?

We have heard endless stories of “Russian hacking” and “Russian aggression,” while Putin has been called a “thug,” a “dictator,” and Russian forces have been accused of bombing hospitals in Aleppo–in fact Russia, it seems, bombed the “last hospital” and killed the “last doctor” in Aleppo on at least five different occasions in 2016: on November 18, July 30, July 23, April 27, and sometime either in the last week of January or early February (see here, here, here, here, here, here, and here ).

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The Stuxnet Connection to Fukushima

[ Ed. note – Normally Dane Wigington of Geoengineering Watch doesn’t have a lot to say about Israel. But in this, the most recent installment of his weekly radio show, Wigington gets into a lengthy discussion not only about the UN Security Council resolution on Israeli settlements but also the likely connection between Stuxnet and the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

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Humor: Toilet Training Obama

 photo toitrain_zpsycopbvsu.jpg

Ariadna Theokopoulos | Boldface News

Toilet training, a difficult task with infants as well as pets, can be as gratifying when its succeeds as it is frustrating when it fails.

Experts suggest the key is to have patience and be consistent, and no one has shown more patience with Obama than Putin in trying to save him from embarrassment. Nevertheless, time has run out for Obama, who must be counted now as a toilet training failure…

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2016–Not Exactly a Gay, Carefree Year


Mireille Hindoyan, a Syrian champion swimmer, was killed in a rocket attack launched by terrorists on September 30 in Aleppo. Her 12-year-old brother Arman also died in the attack.

By Richard Edmondson

Podesta–Pizzagate–Aleppo–Palmyra–Saudi war crimes in Yemen–Israeli settlements–Brexit–Brazillian coup–fake news–dust boy in ambulance–sexist Trump–crooked Hillary–these are just some of the trending terms that made 2016 a year to remember…or maybe better yet one to forget.

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Gaddafi’s 2011 Prophecy: Europe Will Be Overrun with Refugees (Must see!)

In Sweden a government-backed charity recently produced a TV commercial informing the public that “Sweden will never be what it once was,” and encouraging them basically to accept floods of refugees pouring into the country as a new fact of life. The odd thing is, all this was predicted, or prophesied, if you will, by Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi back in 2011. Below are a couple of “must see” videos. The first is on Gaddafi’s almost prescient predictions on the destruction of Libya and its future implications for Europe…

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