Israeli Settler Attacks School Children and Orders Soldier to Assist Her


On Monday morning, infamous Israeli settler Anat Cohen attacked a group of school-children harvesting olives near their school in occupied al-Khalil (Hebron). She then ordered the soldier to not only evict the students and teachers from the area, but assist in her attack.

A group of scout students was helping Palestinian families, picking olives for them next to the Qurtuba school on Shuhada Street. Immediately after the group started picking the olives, a soldier from the nearby Daboya checkpoint came to order them not to pass the fence when harvesting, but allowing them to harvest the olives, as long as they don’t cross the fence.

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‘Days of Cinema’ Film Festival Concludes in Palestine

“Days of Cinema” is a film festival which has been running all this week in Palestine and which wound up today. Films by Palestinian filmmakers, as well as filmmakers of other nationalities, have been featured–more than 60 in all. A little bit more on the festival can be found here:

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Dr. Mads Gilbert Discusses Plight of Gazans in US Speaking Tour

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“They don’t want our pity, but they do welcome our solidarity.”

–Dr. Mads Gilbert

By Jeff Smith

Dr. Mads Gilbert, author of the books, Eyes in Gaza and Night in Gaza, in which he describes what it was like to work under the bombs with Palestinian colleagues during Israel’s 2008 – 2009 and 2014 invasions of the Gaza Strip, recently completed a US speaking tour that took him to various venues in Michigan, Indiana, and Texas.

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dr. Gilbert spoke to an audience of about 100 people at Calvin College. A Christian liberal arts college associated with the Christian Reformed Church, Calvin has previously hosted various speakers who focus on Palestine, among them Ali Abunimah, Nora Barrows-Friedman, and Mazen Qumsiyeh.

A guest of Grand Rapids-based non-profit, Healing Children of Conflict, as well as of Calvin College’s History Department and Middle East Club, Dr. Gilbert provided an astute fact-based analysis of the situation in Gaza. However, Dr. Gilbert’s presentation did not just rely on facts. It was also structured around powerful stories of Palestinian civilians whom he has met while working in makeshift operating rooms at Gaza’s Al-Shifa’ hospital.

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Latest Leaked Emails Show Panicked Netanyahu Rallying Clinton Against BDS


[ Ed. note – The latest batch of Clinton emails from Wikileaks shows a panicked Netanyahu attempting–successfully it seems–to enlist Hillary Clinton in the Zionist war on the BDS movement. A little something to think about as you watch tonight’s debate. ]


These are amazing. Wikileaks published 2000 emails from Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta; and they show Stu Eizenstat, former deputy secretary of treasury under Bill Clinton, acting as the ambassador for Israel and the Jewish community to Clinton.

And everything Clinton has said on Israel and Palestine and the boycott movement in the last year, from saying she’d meet with Netanyahu in her first month in office, to opposing BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions), to taking the Israel relationship to the “next level,” Eizenstat appears to have scripted.

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Pink Floyd Reunites in Public Support of Palestine


[ Ed. note – As of this writing, Roger Waters’ post on Facebook, which you can find here, has garnered 5,682 shares and 996 comments. Lots of Zionist trolls of course, spitting mad and swarming like flies on a hot summer day. Interesting comments as well, however:


I have no idea whether we will see a Pink Floyd concert for Palestine, but of course it is fun to dream. ]

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