Attacking School Children, Hoarding Bodies of the Dead, and Praying at the Wailing Wall

‘Not Behaving Like a Normal State’

[ Ed. note – The life of a Palestinian school child is not easy, as the above video makes clear. Equally difficult can be the problems faced by Palestinian families attempting to hold funerals for loved ones slain by Israeli forces. As I have noted in previous posts (see here and here and here), the Jewish state seems to have a predilection for holding onto corpses–for days, months, sometimes even years. ]

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Palestinians Forced to Demolish Their Own Shops and Homes


[ Ed. note – Perhaps it’s the full moon. The Israelis seem to be on a crueler-than-normal home demolition spree just now.  Palestinians in Jerusalem have been forced to demolish homes and also shops. The justification is the same as always: failure to obtain building permits. Good luck trying to get a permit if you’re a Palestinian, though. Not for nothing is Israel referred to as an apartheid state. I wonder why all the protestors so bent out of shape over Donald Trump’s alleged racism don’t seem to have anything to say about the billions of US tax dollars that go to Israel each year? I guess for some strange, unknown reason it just hasn’t caught their attention yet. At any rate, below are a couple of articles from Ma’an News on the latest forced demolitions. ]

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