Why Does Israel Keep Attacking Syria?

In the above video we see a political analyst expressing disappointment that Putin has not spoken out against Israel’s repeated airstrikes on Syria. It’s a legitimate concern, and one which I’ve expressed previously myself. Interestingly, however, almost at the same time the video was uploaded by Press TV, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov angered the Israelis by describing Iran’s presence in Syria as “legitimate.”

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‘And the White Bird Will Fly Over the Earth’

Beautiful tune sung by four Russian girls on a train. The song is an old folk song entitled “Beyond the Quiet River,” about Christian Russia. The girls form a singing group called Beloe Zlato, or “White Gold” in English. The name possibly is a reference to the White Russians who fought the Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution one hundred years ago–I can’t say for sure–though doubtless if a singing group in America were to take the name “White Gold” they would immediately be branded as “Nazis.”

The video was initially posted by the Russian Faith website, which informs us that Beloe Zlato are “famous for performing in random places: in trains, in the metro, in malls, in the streets, outside in the falling snow – everywhere.” And by the way, Russian Faith is apparently now having some You Tube censorship issues, so enjoy the video while you can. I don’t know how much longer it will be available.

Not Looking Good for the US Dollar, Stocks, Bonds, Pensions and Wages

[ Ed. note – The author of the following piece makes a strong case for why the dollar is headed for collapse. The Fed, he says, is planning to deliberately trigger a financial crisis, and he discusses how that will lead to a period of hyperinflation similar to what existed in the German Weimar Republic in the early 1920s. Basically “Quantitative Easing” is being ditched and what will be imposed instead is its reverse, “Quantitative Tightening.” ]

Video Rebel’s Blog

On the Bright side it is not looking good for the US War Machine either.

Jim Rickards is a financial consultant to the CIA and Pentagon. He participates in War Games. Of the 2009 War Games he recently said that the object was not to defeat the enemy or win the war but rather to inflict relatively more damage on them than you. In case you were wondering about the Pentagon that statement should remove all doubts. They are are not looking for another General Patton.

He also mentioned Pentagon plans to strike North Korea in the next 6 months or so. Of course Russia and China have said not to consider a first strike option. More about WW III later.

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It’s Unanimous. Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah all Agree: US is Helping ISIS

Three days ago, I put up a post concerning comments by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah alleging US support for ISIS.

“It is only the United States, which does not let Daesh be totally annihilated,” Nasrallah said.

“US Air Force does not allow the Syrian army and resistance groups to advance toward positions occupied by Daesh,” he added.

Now high-ranking Russian and Iranian officials are saying more or less the same thing.

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Lavrov Accuses US of ‘Bloody Provocations’

[ Ed. note – I don’t know if the Russians have stopped thinking of the US as their “partners” or not, but these are the strongest words I’ve heard yet from any Russian official. A full transcript of the interview is available at the Russian Foreign Ministry website, where the words “bloody provocations” are translated as “fatal provocations”, but it amounts to pretty much the same thing. Maybe the death of a Russian general has in some respect been a wake-up call and caused Russian leaders to alter their view of the crisis in Syria and America’s role in it. ]

Press TV

The Russian foreign minister has slammed the US for pursing a “double standard” approach towards the fight against terror in Syria, saying Washington encourages “bloody provocations” against Russian and Syrian government forces.

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‘We are at war’…Neocons Launch ‘Committee to Investigate Russia’

“We have been attacked. We are at war.”

These are the opening words in a video uploaded by a new group calling itself the “Committee to Investigate Russia.” The organization was founded by neocon David Frum and Hollywood actor Rob Reiner, who played “the meathead” in the 1970s sitcom “All in the Family.”

Listed on the organization’s advisory board, in addition to Reiner, are Max Boot, James Klapper, Norman Ornstein, and Charles Sykes. Their video, in which they have recruited Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman as spokesperson, kind of leaves you with the feeling that if a white dove carrying an olive branch clasped in its beak ever flew too close to this group, any one of them would likely pull out a shotgun and blast it out of the sky.

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The Lucy Stein Gang Rides into Moscow

US Interference in Russian Election

By Israel Shamir

Can the Putin Fans League win municipal elections in New York City? Not bloody likely, you’ll murmur, and probably justifiably so. However, in the municipal elections last week, pro-American forces captured one third of the seats in Moscow. A great shock, slightly mitigated by the media silence that accompanied both the election and its results.

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