It’s Unanimous. Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah all Agree: US is Helping ISIS

Three days ago, I put up a post concerning comments by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah alleging US support for ISIS.

“It is only the United States, which does not let Daesh be totally annihilated,” Nasrallah said.

“US Air Force does not allow the Syrian army and resistance groups to advance toward positions occupied by Daesh,” he added.

Now high-ranking Russian and Iranian officials are saying more or less the same thing.

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Lavrov Accuses US of ‘Bloody Provocations’

[ Ed. note – I don’t know if the Russians have stopped thinking of the US as their “partners” or not, but these are the strongest words I’ve heard yet from any Russian official. A full transcript of the interview is available at the Russian Foreign Ministry website, where the words “bloody provocations” are translated as “fatal provocations”, but it amounts to pretty much the same thing. Maybe the death of a Russian general has in some respect been a wake-up call and caused Russian leaders to alter their view of the crisis in Syria and America’s role in it. ]

Press TV

The Russian foreign minister has slammed the US for pursing a “double standard” approach towards the fight against terror in Syria, saying Washington encourages “bloody provocations” against Russian and Syrian government forces.

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Israel Calls on US to be “More Active” in Syria


The Israeli defense minister has urged Washington to engage more in Syria, where President Bashar Assad “is winning.” The official has asked for increased US involvement, saying Israel is struggling to deal with the “Russians, Iranians, and also the Turks and Hezbollah.”

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Middle East’s Only Christian President Backs Hezbollah, Denounces Israel

[ Ed. note – Battle lines are being drawn in the Middle East, where an alliance between Christians and Shiite Muslims has been building for a while. This is certainly true in Lebanon where the Free Patriotic Movement and Hezbollah are allied with one another. The FPM is a political party founded by Michel Aoun, a Maronite Christian who became Lebanon’s president in October of last year. ]

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