RT Documentary on Ahed Tamimi

The above documentary is very much worth watching. Uploaded on March 9 and entitled “The Slap Heard Around the World: The People of Israel vs. Ahed Tamimi,” the video focuses not only on the Tamimi family and Ahed’s case in the Israeli military court system, but also the hysteria that has erupted in Israeli society over the whole affair. It includes interviews with members of the Tamimi family as well as Israeli journalist Gideon Levy.

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Ahed Tamimi’s 15-Year-Old Cousin Arrested in Pre-Dawn Raid

Muhammad Tamimi, the 15-year-old cousin of Ahed Tamimi, was arrested in a pre-dawn raid carried out by Israeli authorities Monday morning at his home in Nabi Saleh. Muhammad is the Tamimi family member who was shot in the head with a rubber-coated bullet back in December and had to have part of his skull removed as a result. The shooting preceded by just hours the famous incident in which his older cousin, Ahed, slapped an Israeli soldier.

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Israelis Deface Poster of Killed Tamimi Family Member

On January 3 Musab Tamimi became the first Palestinian to be killed by Israeli forces in the year 2018. Musab was the 16-year-old cousin of Ahed Tamimi, who remains imprisoned for slapping an Israeli soldier.

It is customary in Palestinian society to make posters of those killed by Israeli forces. For bereaved family members, it is a way of paying tribute to lost loved ones. Yesterday, on January 18, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, in an article by Gideon Levy and Alex Levac, reported that Israeli soldiers defaced a poster of Musab with stars of David and filthy graffiti.

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