Reality Reversal: It’s Really the Jews Who Are Discriminated Against, Says Jerusalem Editor

By Richard Edmondson

Caroline Glick is an editor at the Jerusalem Post. In the talk above, she seems to have forgotten who is occupying whom. Glick obviously believes it is Palestinians who are discriminating against Jews, rather than the other way around.

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Has Russia Embarrassed the US or did the US Embarrass Itself?


By Richard Edmondson

The L.A. Times has published a piece complaining about alleged Russian efforts to influence the outcome of the presidential election and asserting, through unnamed officials, that such efforts are motivated by “personal animus” against Hillary Clinton. The Times also imputes on Russia’s part a desire to “raise doubts about the validity of U.S. democracy and leadership around the globe.”

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Desperate Aggressor: Clinton Needs War in Ukraine to Stop Trump

 photo hclinton_zps3cnlwpum.jpg

[Ed. note – We live in strange times, to say the least, when the candidate put up by the Democrats is the war monger, while the Republican nominee has become the “peace candidate,” as it were. Basically, the thesis put forth by the author of the piece below is that the higher Trumps numbers rise in the polls between now and election day, the greater grow the chances that Hillary’s supporters will initiate a war of some sort in Ukraine. ]

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War By November? Hopefully Not, But A Few Recent Developments are Worth Noting

Six days ago I put up a post concerning comments by US military officer Scott Bennett in an interview with Press TV. Bennett told the Press TV interviewer that the Obama administration may try to trigger a confrontation with Russia in Ukraine in order to boost Hillary Clinton’s election chances in November.

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US Will Try to Provoke War with Russia to Benefit Clinton’s Campaign, Says Analyst


[Ed. note – Interesting analysis by former US military officer Scott Bennett. Basically his take is that the Obama administration will attempt to provoke Russia into a war with Ukraine in order to provide a boost to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. I’m not sure a war or military confrontation over Ukraine would really add all that much momentum to Clinton’s race for the White House since she is not actually part of the government any more, but I could be wrong, and certainly the media–should a war in reality get started–would spin the story any way they could possibly think of to try and damage or derail Trump.

But in any event, Bennett provides 8 minutes of lively commentary–on war and US-Russia relations as well as on the subject of false flag operations. He also offers a scathing critique of Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, US military commander in Europe, that may be justified, I do not know, but it is interesting to hear it voiced in such a blistering, biting manner, and by a person of Bennett’s background. You can access the video here. ]