Is World War 3 on the Way?

NATO troops preparing for war game exercise in eastern Europe

NATO troops preparing for war game exercise in eastern Europe

Is World War 3 on the way? Maybe yes, maybe no. But it’s a question I have pondered a number of times in a number of posts dating back over the past three years. I will ponder it again here.

As before when I have put up posts of this nature, a number of disturbing signs point to increased cause for concern, but before I get to these, let me show you a video. It’s one featuring David Icke, which I posted nearly three years ago, in July of 2014, in a post which I entitled “The Vortex.” It was one of the first posts I ever put up basically speculating on the possibility of a coming war.

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I have links to Russia!

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One wonders: what exactly does it mean to have “links” to Russia? Does a phone conversation qualify? Maybe, simply watching an RT video will get you so labeled. I guess if you’re not getting your news principally from CNN or the Washington Post then surely you must be a brainwashed dupe–one deserving of pity and who is, of course, in dire need of reeducation. Or maybe even, in the deranged minds of Trump haters, simply listening to Tchaikovsky will get you branded a Russky sympathizer. If this is the case, then I plead guilty. I have Russian “links”!

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Fake News or Real? CNN has Pentagon Planning Ground Troop Invasion of Syria and Russian Spy Ship off US Coast


Just within the past hour or so CNN has published two stories which may fall into the category of “fake news” (it’s of course hard to tell these days).

In one article, here, the network is reporting that the Pentagon is considering recommending sending “conventional ground combat forces” into Syria in order to “speed up the fight against ISIS.” So far the only US troops that have been sent into Syria are small units of special forces, and as the article notes, the deployment of conventional ground troops “would significantly alter US military operations in Syria.”

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Mind Control: Do the Media Elites Believe Their Own Lies?

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[ Ed. note – The writer of the piece below argues that, “a disadvantage of being part of the elite is that you must stick to the accepted story.” His thesis is that at least some of those who hold high profile positions in media, or government for that matter, do not believe the lies but simply go along with them in order to preserve their jobs. Of course, this leaves us wondering about the rest. Have they absorbed the propaganda to the point that they have internalized it? If so, a form of “mind control” could then be said to be operative among a certain segment of those who hold powerful and influential posts in America.

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Obama Officially Denies Clemency to Leonard Peltier


Leonard Peltier,
Growing old, he lives another year
Inside his prison cell.
We wish you very well.

The above lines are from a song I wrote in 1991 or ’92, I think, back in the days when I had illusions of becoming a singer/songwriter. Peltier at the time had been in prison for something like 18 years, which seemed like an awfully long time.

Today his incarceration in the US federal prison system has run into 40 years.

Peltier, a member of the American Indian Movement,  was convicted of murdering two FBI agents during a shootout that occurred on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in June of 1975. There has been enormous controversy over the case, with charges that the government suppressed evidence and with witnesses coming forward claiming they were forced to give statements under duress.

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