‘Usual Suspects’ Behind Regime Change Operation Underway in Iran

Above and below are some very good reports from RT on the protests in Iran. The information presented strongly suggests that the usual suspects, as it were, are behind the unrest–i.e. the US and Israel. Obviously, you won’t see this type of reporting in the mainstream media, which of course is why RT is so despised by political elites in the West.

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Independent Nation or US Colony? The Island State of Palau

Palau as seen on a map of the Pacific

[ Ed. note – Thursday’s vote by the UN General Assembly, denouncing the US for its decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem, continues to send reverberations around the world. As I mentioned in an article posted the same day of the vote, only eight countries voted along with the US in opposition to the resolution.

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PLO Issues Response to Vice President Mike Pence and His Press Secretary

[ Ed. Note – The Palestine Liberation Organization has issued a response to the vice president of the United States, and specifically to a statement issued by his press secretary on Sunday, December 10. It is very hard to take issue with what the PLO is saying here. ]

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Now That Trump Handed Them Jerusalem, Zionists Turn Their Eyes on the Golan

Donald Trump, you could pretty much say, has handed Jerusalem to the Israelis on a silver platter. Will that be the end of it, or will there be more major US concessions to Israel in the future?  Might the Zionists now turn their covetous gaze upon, for instance, the Golan Heights?

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Playing with ‘Political Pyromania’? Trump Announces US Embassy Move

Palestinian protestors burn US and Israeli flags following Trump’s announcement that the US will move its embassy to Jerusalem

[ Ed. note – “These measures are a reward to Israel’s violations of international resolutions and an encouragement for Israel to continue its policy of occupation, settlements, apartheid and ethnic cleansing.”

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US to Hold Massive Military Exercise on Korean Peninsula…Again

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

US Trying to Deliberately ‘Provoke’ North Korea, says Lavrov

It was back in August that the US staged a massive 10-day war war games exercise on the Korean peninsula. Involving some 75,000 US and South Korean troops, the exercise, dubbed “Ulchi-Freedom Guardian,” saw forces deployed on land, sea, and in the air–a massive display of military power denounced by the North Koreans as a “reckless behavior driving the situation into the uncontrollable phase of a nuclear war”…and it was also around this time that the DPRK threatened to attack Guam.

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