Blessed Are the Peacemakers

[ Ed. note – The video above is of a townhall meeting conducted last week by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard in her home state of Hawaii. If you want to hear the congresswoman discuss the situation in Syria, fast forward the video to about 10 minutes in. Gabbard, who introduced the Stop Arming Terrorists act in Congress and who has drawn fire for challenging the media lies about Syria (most recently for questioning the narrative that the Assad government was behind the April 4 chemical weapons attack), is one of a number of a small number of prominent Americans who have been a voice of sanity in a world seemingly gone mad and moving closer and closer to war.

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More Insanity: Trump, NATO Secretary General, Hold Joint News Conference

Press conference held today…Trump called Assad a “butcher,” said US-Russia relations “may be at an all-time low,” and insisted it’s “probably unlikely” Syria could have launched the chemical attack it has been accused of carrying out without Russian knowledge. An investigation as to whether Russia had prior knowledge or not is being conducted by General “Mad Dog” Mattis. We can probably guess how that’s going to turn out.

Trump also says NATO is not obsolete, though of course back during the campaign he said it was. He also had campaigned on wanting better relations with Russia, and once even urged Obama to stay out of Syria, but now he is seemingly trying to provoke an all-out war. We can speculate endlessly on the “why” of it all (is Trump being blackmailed, is he trying to avoid getting impeached, was he a deep-state operative all along?), but the bottom line is he has made almost a complete 180 degree turn.

Twitter hashtag: #NoMoreJewishWars

Well, Donald Trump finally went and did it. He launched a missile attack on a Syrian airbase. Conflicting reports have been coming out on the precise number of casualties. A report at SANA says nine civilians, including four children, were killed, but makes no mention of deaths or injuries among Syrian soldiers.

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‘Worst Chemical Attack in Years’–West Ramps Up New Campaign for War With Syria

[ Ed. note – The mainstream media and Western politicians are once again attempting to justify a military action designed to topple the democratically elected government of Bashar Assad. The prime minister of Israel seems to be on his own personal Twitter-storm crusade.

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