Wisconsin Becomes Latest State to Enact Anti-BDS Measure

[ Ed. note – A few days ago I reported that Maryland Governor Larry Hogan had signed into law an executive order barring state contracts for any firm supporting a boycott of Israel. Now Governor Scott Walker has done likewise in Wisconsin. It is Orwellian that the politicians pushing these measures justify their actions on the putative premise that they are opposed to “discrimination.” Many of them, however, do just exactly that.

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‘Kim Jong-un’ gets regal welcome on the streets of New York

This video actually reveals a great deal about attitudes held by Americans towards their own government. In it, we see an actor dressed up like North Korean leader Kim Jong-un go strolling through the streets of New York. Kim, who not so long ago called Trump a “dotard,” is the one world leader who, more so than any other, has defied the US. He has given the middle finger, not only to Trump, but also to the Deep State currently running the country into the ground and turning it into a surveillance police state. That a man so despised by the media and the political elites would receive such a warm welcome from average citizens speaks volumes about where we’re at right now.

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Missouri State Senator Says She Hopes Trump Will Be Assassinated

Missouri State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal

[ Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle Nadal is refusing calls for her resignation after a Facebook post in which she expressed hope that Trump would be assassinated. She probably thinks her call for assassination will win her more votes than it will lose her, and she may be right. It’s a sign of how insanely divided the country has become. ]

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Putin: It is Impossible to Tolerate Arrogance Toward Our Country Forever

Some interesting comments from Vladimir Putin regarding the sanctions bill which has now passed both houses of Congress by lopsided votes. (You will need to click the closed caption button to get the English subtitles). The reporter asking the question observes that “it looks like the US is trying to distribute the power of its laws to the territories of other countries.”

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Assad: US President ‘Is Only a Performer’

 photo bashassad_zpsony5olam.jpg

In America these days everything is centered around fakery–fake news in the mainstream media, duplicitous statements by politicians, hypocrisy about championing “democracy” while making trade deals with Saudi Arabia and sending billions in aid to apartheid Israel. In a recent interview with an Indian TV channel, Syrian President Bashar Assad made a rather perceptive comment on contemporary America, asserting that the US president is nothing more than a “performer.”

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