Putin Befuddles the West: A Lesson From Scripture

putin3r-jptBy Richard Edmondson

What is it exactly with the leaders of the West and Vladimir Putin? Clearly they view Russia and its president as a threat, but why?

We have heard endless stories of “Russian hacking” and “Russian aggression,” while Putin has been called a “thug,” a “dictator,” and Russian forces have been accused of bombing hospitals in Aleppo–in fact Russia, it seems, bombed the “last hospital” and killed the “last doctor” in Aleppo on at least five different occasions in 2016: on November 18, July 30, July 23, April 27, and sometime either in the last week of January or early February (see here, here, here, here, here, here, and here ).

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2016–Not Exactly a Gay, Carefree Year


Mireille Hindoyan, a Syrian champion swimmer, was killed in a rocket attack launched by terrorists on September 30 in Aleppo. Her 12-year-old brother Arman also died in the attack.

By Richard Edmondson

Podesta–Pizzagate–Aleppo–Palmyra–Saudi war crimes in Yemen–Israeli settlements–Brexit–Brazillian coup–fake news–dust boy in ambulance–sexist Trump–crooked Hillary–these are just some of the trending terms that made 2016 a year to remember…or maybe better yet one to forget.

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Vladimir Putin…Environmentalist–Excerpt from the Russian Leader’s Recent Presidential Address


[ A friend emailed me this excerpt of Putin’s annual presidential address, delivered two days ago. It’s an interesting excerpt and I wanted to post it because it underscores the importance the Russian leader places upon preservation of wildlife and the environment, and it’s also worth reflecting upon, I suppose, in light of the Dakota Access Pipeline protests currently underway in this country. ]

“…It is important that civil society takes an active part in deciding issues such as improving environmental protection legislation, protecting rare plant and animal species, and establishing a humane system for dealing with stray animals.

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Hillary Threatens War With Russia

[ Ed. note – It’s tempting to write off Clinton’s August 31 speech, in which she promises a military response to alleged Russian hacking attacks, as nothing more than campaign hyperbole, intended to portray herself as tough on national security. But as I’ve said before, Clinton, should she emerge victorious in November, is likely to be the sort of president who would be easily manipulated, and there are those holding powerful positions in Washington who clearly want war. In the article below, Paul Craig Roberts posits that Zionist neocon Paul Wolfowitz could well end up becoming secretary of defense in a Clinton presidency. Roberts makes another important point also–that there’s a distinct possibility the outcome of election could be determined by pre-programmed electronic voting machines. ]

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Is Erdogan Really Severing Ties with the West?

 photo erdogan_zpsoxu7wlyy.jpg

A Penitent Sinner or
a ‘Viper Who Can’t Be Trusted’?

Is Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan really turning his back on the West? Or is what we’re seeing in the media today all just a charade? And if it’s a charade, what is the purpose of it?

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Russian ‘Activists’ Caught Collaborating with US Embassy in Moscow

This film is actually four years old. Michael McFaul is no longer US ambassador to Russia, having resigned in 2014, but the video is useful in that it provides a rather graphic glimpse into how the US State Department functions–in Russia and probably other countries as well, distributing money to so-called “activists” or “opposition leaders” (perhaps “traitors” would be a more appropriate description) in return for services rendered.

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