Yemeni Villagers Dying of Starvation

[ Ed. note – It would appear that all the horrible war crimes US officials and the mainstream media have been alleging against Russia and the Syrian government are in reality being perpetrated by the Saudis–and, from the looks of it, maybe even far worse. Where’s Obama? Where’s John Kerry? Where are all the neocons who have been theatrically voicing their anguish over the people of Aleppo? How come we’re not hearing from them on the horrible situation in this Yemeni town? How come the Saudis are allowed to fire upon Yemeni fishermen when they try to take their boats to sea to catch fish, and Samantha Power has nothing to say about it at the UN? I guess, come to think of it, for the same reason she doesn’t say anything when Israelis fire upon Gaza fishermen. ]


No Food, No Medicine, No money: Yemeni Town Faces Mass Death by Starvation

Nearly 19 million Yemenis are in need of humanitarian aid, according to the UN, but the worst of the civilian impact of the two-year civil war in the country has fallen on the coastal fishing area around the Red Sea coastal district of Tuhayat.

As RT’s Arabic-language crew visited the area, they witnessed scenes of chaos – as locals scrambled to gain food – and quiet desperation, with many residents swollen with hunger, waiting for outside help, or resigned to their fate.

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Enough Lies to Fill the Red Sea?


The USS Mason–now fired upon three times in the past week, according to reports.

Shades of the Gulf of Tonkin? The USS Mason–purportedly fired upon 3 times in a week now

[ Ed. note – The USS Mason is a US Navy destroyer which has been deployed in the Red Sea off the coast of Yemen. The ship has reportedly been fired upon three times in the past week–once on Sunday a week ago, again on Wednesday, and most recently, according to an article published today at RT, on Saturday. The presumed missiles launched at the ship are claimed to have been fired from Houthi-controlled territory in Yemen. The Houthis have denied it. The Houthis are often referred to as “the Iran-backed Houthis” in mainstream media reports, so naturally the implication is that the Iranians are behind it as well.

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Houthi Air Force Bombs Wedding Party (at least that’s the Saudi version of the story)

The US has a history of bombing wedding parties in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and now the Saudis seem to be taking a cue. They also seem to be mirroring another long-established US practice as well, i.e. committing an overboard war crime/atrocity of this nature and then lying about it afterwards:

The Saudi-led coalition denied it’s responsible for the assault on the wedding celebration and blamed local militia for the firing.

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Al-Quds Day Speech By Nasrallah: ‘Israel is the Source of All Terrorism’

In a speech given today, Hassan Nasrallah, the Hezbollah secretary-general, addressed a wide range of issues, from the war in Yemen, to the support given by Israel to Al-Nusra terrorists in Syria.

With regard to the Yemeni war, he said, “The Saudi war in Yemen is now being fought without any political objectives, and it only aims to take revenge on Yemen and its people.”

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