Destabilizing Venezuela: Exploring the Zionist Connection


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) and Antionio Ledezma, a former mayor of Caracas and a prominent Venezuelan opposition figure

Venezuelan opposition figure held meeting with Israeli officials in 2012

By Richard Edmondson

We have been witnessing over the past few years what looks very much like a regime change operation under way in Venezuela. Recently I put up a post about a man who was doused with gasoline and set on fire by an anti-government mob. Since then I’ve come across a few tidbits of information that might be of interest to readers and that add weight to my thesis that: scratch the surface deeply enough, anywhere there’s trouble in the world, and you’ll likely find a Zionist connection.

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British Policy Governed by Zionism, Says UK Analyst

 photo rodshakesp_zpsxekrezfl.jpg

Press TV has published an interview with British political analyst Rodney Shakespeare.

“British policy on the one hand attacking ISIL and on the other hand backing Saudi Arabia, ensuring the maintenance of ISIL–British policy is governed by Zionism, and so is American policy. And the object of the policy is to smash up Syria into parts, to smash up Iraq into parts, to create chaos…”

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Report: ADL Secretly Supported Internment of Japanese Americans in WW2

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Israeli Official Calls for ‘Mega-Event’ to Cleanse Palestinians from Area C

By Richard Edmondson

Think about how many times you’ve heard Zionists fly into a rage when somebody happens to draw an analogy between Israel and Nazi Germany. Dare to make such a comparison and you’re sure to find yourself accused of “anti-Semitism.” But Zionist protestations over the matter need to be regarded in light of a couple of recent developments…

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Jewish National Fund Offers to ‘Help’ Europe with its Refugee Crisis

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Danny Atar

[ Ed. note – Arguably the refugee crisis in Europe is a direct result of US and Israeli regime change/balkanization policies in the Middle East and North Africa. So how ironic is it that the Jewish National Fund, one of the oldest Zionist organizations in the world, has come forward to offer its “unique knowledge” in an effort to ease the problems brought on by millions of refugees flooding into Europe from war-torn regions like Syria?

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Daniel Patrick Moynihan Proven Wrong By History (Or why you shouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton)

A Fascinating Little Trip Back in Time…

The US has had some real basket cases serving as United Nations ambassadors over the years. There was John Bolton, who once ticked off the North Koreans so badly they referred to him as “human scum”; there was Madelaine Albright, who thought the deaths of half a million Iraqi children was “worth it” (Albright did a stint at the UN from 1993-1997 prior to becoming Secretary of State in 1997); there was the ever-delightful John Negroponte, who was implicated in death squad activity in Central America prior to becoming UN ambassador in 2001; and of course today we have Samantha Power, who backed US military intervention in Libya on “humanitarian” grounds and who presently serves as attack dog against Russia.

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US Regime Change Operations–the Greatest Threat to Humanity?

 photo ayalde_zpsuztxkwlf.jpg

Liliana Ayalde, US Ambassador to Brazil

[ Ed. note – Fortune Magazine is celebrating the impeachment of Brazilian President Dilma Roussef which took place Sunday. In an article headlined, “Dilma Rousseff Impeachment Is Just the First Step to Heal Brazil’s Broken Economy,” writer Cyrus Sanati can’t seem to resist crowing:

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A Comparison of Jewish Behavior…2,000 Years Ago and Today


Two thousand years ago a mob of Jews stood on a paved walkway outside of Pilate’s residence in Jerusalem and screamed for Jesus’ crucifixion.

This past week, a group of Israeli soldiers and medics stood about a dying Palestinian man lying prone upon a street, offering him no medical assistance–just as one of the soldiers stepped forward and pumped a bullet into the man’s head.

The question we might ask ourselves is what do these two incidents, spaced 2,000 years apart, tell us about Jewish behavior? Do they suggest a pattern? Maybe even an historical one?

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