Israel’s Money Machine

[ Ed. note — Another excellent article from Philip Giraldi about Jewish power in the US. The fact that the Russian news outlet RT is forced to register in America as a foreign agent–while Jewish billionaires raising money for Israeli occupiers are not–speaks for itself. Beyond this context, however, Giraldi provides some additional information that should outrage each and every American.

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Report: Jewish Federations Loaded with Cash

Most Americans probably don’t give it much thought, but Jewish federations are tax exempt, nonprofit organizations. That means that it’s legal to donate money to them and then write it off on your taxes. In a lot of cases, money donated through these organizations end up supporting illegal Israeli settlements. Under US law, however, this is “legal.”

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Ron Paul: Neocons Hijack Trump’s Policy

[ Ed. note – Forget about Dracula. People should start dressing up as neocons for Halloween. For sheer bloodthirstiness, you can’t seem to beat them. Jack the Ripper move over.

Above is a trailer for the documentary “A Very Heavy Agenda,” released in 2016. Below is a commentary by Ron Paul, published yesterday. ]

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Wisconsin Becomes Latest State to Enact Anti-BDS Measure

[ Ed. note – A few days ago I reported that Maryland Governor Larry Hogan had signed into law an executive order barring state contracts for any firm supporting a boycott of Israel. Now Governor Scott Walker has done likewise in Wisconsin. It is Orwellian that the politicians pushing these measures justify their actions on the putative premise that they are opposed to “discrimination.” Many of them, however, do just exactly that.

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Dickinson Texas Partially Rescinds ‘No-Israel-Boycott’ Demands

[ Ed. note – A small victory against the anti-BDS juggernaut that is sweeping the country…the city of Dickinson, Texas–obviously responding to widespread criticism–has partially reversed its policy on extracting pledges not to boycott Israel from victims of Hurricane Harvey. The Dickinson City Council has voted to absolve individual homeowners from signing contracts stating they do not support a boycott. However, according to the report below, business owners seeking relief assistance are still required to adhere to the condition. ]

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Walls and Iron Curtains

By Richard Edmondson

A week or so back when news was first breaking about hurricane victims in Texas being required to sign papers renouncing support for a boycott of Israel, a friend of mine commented, “To paraphrase a Limey war criminal’s famous words,  ‘a heavy Iron Curtain adorned with 6-pointed stars is descending upon America.'”

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